check it out.

Decided that this summer I want to learn Cinema 4D, haven’t worked with a 3D program since college.  Hoping to post some videos soon! 

Got a video of mine on the website of 

It was a teaser of the 2015 products that are now being sold. 

Video I made for Arden Companies website, “How to Clean your Cushion”  

Video tutorial on how to clean patio cushions.  

Edited in Premiere & animation made in After Effects


I got hired on Full time at Adren Companies, this past July working as their Video Production Artist.  Since a lot of the videos I make for them cant be posted on my website, I haven’t been able to post any here as well.  

Im hoping to grab a few more freelance projects, as well as a few music videos of my own.  Keep you posted with any new changes.


Check out the new music video, “Another Satellite” for the band FUR.  

Edited by me made for Cabin 44.

New video edit for ITVDetroit.  
Aerial view of 2012 DELECTRICITY!  Check it out!


Cabin 44’s latest video.  Edited by yours truly!

Shot for Vile Company with music by the badass band Wilson.

Cabin 44:

Vile Company:


CABIN 44 - Vile Co. Clothing

Just finished the rough edit for Vile Co. Clothing, with music by the amazing band Wilson.

Color grading still to come.  

This video is gonna look RAD!

It’ll be up devil’s night

Starting a NEW edit for Horizon Film and, an aerial shoot of DELECTRICITY

Detroit // lights // art // flying // What could be better?!

Get Excited!  Ill keep you updated for the final edit!

Just finished the music video edit

Enjoy it! 

DUENDE Music Video

Started working on an edit for Duende’s new music video “Boss Radio”  

Posted to vimeo soon! Also a screening will be at the loving touch this weekend!  

Ill post with more details.

Started work on my official website, should be up before the end of October!

Keep an eye out for it!

Working on final edits for the indie film “The Problem of a Flower”

Written and Directed by Bryan Emanuel.

Stay tuned for the finished film.